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      1. [LRD logo] Labour Research Department
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        Welcome to the Labour Research Department - we are an independent research organisation which has been providing information for trade unionists for 100 years
        Nina Cole obituary

        Sickness absence and sick pay

        Case law at work (18th edition)

        Disciplinary and grievance procedures

        Health and Safety Law 2021

        Labour Research Workplace Report LRD Booklets Fact Service Safety Rep
        Labour Research Workplace Report Latest Booklet Latest Fact service Safety Rep

        LRD Publications cover employment law, health and safety, equality, political, economic and union news.

        Payline pay and conditions database
        Payline is a unique service for union negotiators at all levels. Instant access to a wealth of information on over 2000 collective agreements from all areas of the economy.

        Pay and prices
        The latest pay, inflation and unemployment figures

        Press releases
        Full list of press releases


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        Payline pay and conditions database
        pdf file (294KB)

        Secure pdfs - a new option for LRD booklets

        Law at work 2021

        Health and Safety Law at work 2021 - a trade union guide